Access Statement

Access Statement For Banbury Cross B&B


We aim to cater for the needs of all visitors in our home-based 7 bedroom bed and breakfast. The following statement is a summary of our provision. If you wish to ask any specific questions please feel free to contact us and we will endeavor to help.


• There is a bus stop 50 yards away, on a level, from the front door and a frequent bus service runs from the bus station.
• The main train station is 8 minutes away by car.
• There is a local taxi service that has accessible taxis if required: we can make a booking for you.
• We have a website, Our website has a text version of all the details. Our menus can be provided in large print.
• You can contact us by phone or email (details below).

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

• On arrival to the property there are no gates to open and the route to the front door has an even tarmac covering. There are no over hanging plants etc to the front door.
• There are no marked bays but there is ample parking space, please park sensibly.
• We can assist guests with luggage.
• The town of Banbury is 5 – 10 mins walk away from the bed and breakfast.
• The house is in a conservation area.

Main Entrance & Reception

• The front door has 3 steps (1 is 2cm high and the next 2 steps are 18cm each and 90 cm wide.
• The front door is always locked but guests are given a key.
• The door uses a Yale lock and is light to open.
• The keyhole is 146cm high.
• The door is 85cm wide with a doorbell 137cm high from the second step.
• A coach light lights the door and a sensor light is in the entrance lobby and comes on when the front door is opened.
• Through the front door you enter a small lobby to the hallway.
• The front door and lobby door and directly in front of each other and are both 85cm wide.
• From the lobby the hallway is 176cm wide x 310cm long going down to 77cm x 252cm in order to get to the back door and the garden.
• All the hallway flooring is short pile fitted carpet.

Public Areas – General (Internal)

• We have free wireless internet connection in all rooms.
• The hallway, has a space of 176cm x 310cm.
• The hallway is well lit.
• The floor is short pile carpet.
• Dog water bowl and food bowl are available on request.
• The breakfast room and one bedroom are on the ground floor.
• There are 13 stairs, 18cm high, 24cm deep and 97cm wide, to the first landing and then a further 4 stairs same dimensions to the first floor.
• There is a handrail on the right hand side.

Public Areas – WC

• 5 bedrooms are en-suite and 2 single bedrooms share one bathroom, but there is no public WC available downstairs.

Restaurant / Dining Room, Bar & Lounges, Take Away & Cafe

• Door to the breakfast room is off the hallway, no steps in the hallway from the ground floor bedroom.
• The downstairs bedroom door and the dining room door are opposite each other.
• The door to the breakfast room is 78cm wide.
• Furniture is flexible and can be moved on request.
• Guests sit around a large dining table, which has under space of 58cm hgih by 81cm wide at the two short ends.
• There are chairs with arms and without which can be moved to accommodate.
• Menus are provided in large print.
• We do not play backgound music in any guest area of the B&B.
• We have a self-service buffet for cereals, fruit, juice etc. But we are always happy to serve guests.
• Cooked breakfast are cooked to order, so please allow time for this.
• If you have any special requirements for breakfast, please le us know at the time of booking.


• Small loads of personal laundry can be undertaken for an extra charge, 48 hours is needed for retuning items.


• Not available.

Treatment room/s

• Not available

Leisure Facilities

• Not available

Outdoor Facilities

• There is a garden at the back of the house, with a patio area and grass.
• A veranda is available to sit on.

Conference & Meeting Rooms, Banqueting, Clubs, Entertainment

• Not available


• There is 1 bedroom on the ground floor and 6 on the first floor.
• Ground Floor Bedroom
• The door opens inward and is a double bedded room.
• The flooring is short pile fitted carpet.
• Door width to bedroom is 78cm and the door into the bathroom is 60cm wide.
• The room is spacious and clutter free.
• The gap between the end of the bed and the wall is 2m.
• The gap from the furniture by the wall to the bed is 1m400mm.
• To the left side of the bed is a 2m gap and the right side is 90cm.
• There is a turning circle of 150cm across. This can be made bigger by repositioning the chairs.
• The bed height from mattress to the floor is 59cm. If you require the bed height changed, this can be done to allow a mobile hoist.
• This room has remote tv with teletext and dvd player.
• Good contrast in decor.
• The bathroom has a bath, 47cm high, with a shower over the bath.
• The door to the bathroom is 60cm wide.
• Good contrast in decor.
• Toilet
• From the side wall to the centre of the toilet pan is 49cm. There is a clear space to one side of the toilet of 1m.
• Height to the toilet seat from the floor is 43cm.
• Washbasin
• The washbasin is a semi-counter top washbasin. The lip height of the washbasin is 87cm. The door width is 60cm opening in.
• Route to First Floor Bedroooms
• Our upstairs bedrooms are via a standard flight of stairs; each step is 18cm high xx 24cm deep and 97cm wide, a turn and then 3 steps (same sizes).
• A handrail is to the right hand side.
• The lighting is on teh sensor switches, which come on as the front door is opened (this can be left on at night to aid visitors further).
• Bedroom 1
• A double bed room.
• Door width 76cm opening inwards.
• 53cm space to the left side of the bed and 125cm to the right side.
• 122 space at the end of the bed.
• Good contrast in decor.
• Bedroom 2
• A twin bed room.
• Door width 76cm opening inwards.
• Space at the left side of beds 63cm.
• Space at the right side of beds 118cm.
• Space at the end of the bed 85cm.
• Space between the twin beds 72cm.
• The wash basin is in the bedroom itself.
• Good contrast in decor.
• Bedroom 3
• Is a single bedroom, the door width is 76cm and opens inwards.
• Space at the right side of the bed is 146cm.
• Space at the end of the bed is 125cm.
• This room has a chair with arms.
• Furniture can be moved on request.
• Good contrast in decor.
• Bedroom 5
• Is a single bedroom, the door width is 68cm and opens inwards.
• Space at the left side of the bed is 144cm.
• Space at the end of the bed is 126cm.
• This room has a chair with arms.
• Good contrast in decor.
• Bedroom 7
• This is a double bed room.
• The door width is 76cm and opens inwards.
• Space at the left hand side of the bed is 45cm.
• Space at the right hand side of bed is 117cm.
• Space at the end of the bed is 70cm.
• Because of the size of this room, it does make moving furniture difficult.
• Good contrast in decor.
• Shared Bathroom for Rooms 3 and 5
• The bathroom can be reached by 2 steps; 18cm high, 24cm deep and 97cm wide.
• The door width is 70cm and opens inwards.
• There is a 139cm x 139cm open space, with semi-counter washbasin and toilet.
• The bath height is 58cm.
• The step into the shower tray is 24cm.
• Ensuite Bedroom 1
• Ens-suite door width is 60cm, folding doors.
• Between door and basin to get to the toilet a gap of 50cm.
• The step into the shower tray is 17cm.
• Furniture can be moved on request.
• Ensuite Bedroom 2
• The washbasin is in the room itself and the en-suite bathroom houses the toilet and shower.
• The height of the shower tray is 23cm.
• The main gap between the shower cubicle and the en-suite door to get to the toilet is 60cm.
• Bedrooms 3 and 5 – Shared bathroom
• These single rooms share a bathroom (shower, bath and toilet) a pedestral washbasin and shaver point are provided in each room.
• En-suite Bedroom 7
• Door into the en-suite is 60cm.
• The gap between the door and the washbasin to reach the toilet is 47cm.
• The step into the shower tray is 18cm.

Self-Catering Kitchen

• Not available

Caravans, Holiday Homes & Twin Units

• Not available

Touring Facilities (Holiday Parks)

• Not available

Boats – Narrow Boat, Cruiser & Hotel Boat

• Not available

Attractions (Displays, exhibits, rides etc.)

• Not available

Grounds and Gardens

• We have an enclosed back gardens (veranda, flower borders, patio and lawn) which is available to sit in (chairs on the veranda and a table and chairs on the patio) or to let dogs out if required.
• The veranda is 123cm wide and 8m long.
• From the back door there is a 12cm step down on to the veranda and then a further 2 steps with a handrail to either side, down to the garden. These steps are 24cm high, 124cm wide and 37cm deep.
• There is a local park 400 meters walk from the b&b where dogs and owners can get more exercise. This park has a children’s play area, aviary and lovely sensory garden area at the far end.

Additional Information

• We have free wireless internet connection in all areas.
• Assistance dogs are welcome.
• Mobile phone reception is generally good.
• We are able to use the front door and fire escape (upstairs) in the need of evacuation. The fire alarm will sound continuously, if evacuation is needed.
• If you require more assistance for evacuation please notify us on arrival and we will ensure you are evacuated safely eg.hearing impairment.
• We are happy to take delivery of hired equipment (please let us know if ordered-telephone number below for hirers).
• We are a non-smoking building (smoking is allowed in the garden, which has steps leading down to it, as mentioned earlier).
• Any medication / food can be put in the main fridge on request (but is not available 24hours).

Contact Information

• Address: Banbury Cross B&B, 1 Broughton Road, Banbury, Oxon, OX16 9QB
• Telephone: 00 44 (0)1295 266048
• Fax: Not applicable
• Minicom: Not applicable
• Email:
• Website:
• Hours of operation: Hours flexible to business; the b&b is our home so occupied 24 hours. Mainline telephone answered 7.30am – 10pm
• Local carers: Marsden Mobility, Castle Quay Shop Mobility Unit, Banbury, Oxon, OX16 5UH,
Tel: 01295 252722

• Local public transport numbers: Traveline 0870 608 2 608
Stagecoach Buses: 01295 253451

• Local accessible taxi numbers: Carriage Co 01295 276000

Future Plans

• Keep an eye on our website

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve if you have any comments please phone: 01295 266048 or email

Created on: 9/30/2016